The Differences Between Men & Women When It Comes To Real Estate

Real EstateWe recently saw some numbers from the National Association of Realtors 2013 Home Features Survey which would lead one to believe there is indeed a gender gap in real estate.

When asked in a survey what features were “very important” as connected to a home search, 32 percent of single men, as compared with 21 percent of single women, cited new kitchen appliances.

Similarly, granite countertops were a must-have for 24 percent of men, but only 11 percent of women said that they were an important factor. Additionally, 19 percent of men wanted a kitchen island, compared with eight percent of women.

Do you find this all a bit mind-boggling? Well, here’s another unexpected finding – 38 percent of men said a walk-in closet was very important, versus 29 percent of women.

Meanwhile, basements drew about the same interest from both sexes with 16 percent of men and 13 percent of women calling them required. However, men do seem to have an attachment to attics with 13 percent indicating they were critical, compared to seven percent of women.

It does appear women seem more concerned about stairs as 31 percent identified single-level homes as crucial versus 18 percent of men.

What does this all mean? Frankly, not very much as it’s really just a bunch of statistics which may or may not be indicative of trends. But, it’s certainly fun to examine.

That said, there’s one thing we do know without question – title insurance is extremely important regardless of gender. You have to make sure you are protected!

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