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Transferring Title 101

There comes a time when you may not be selling your house, but want to transfer or change the title of a property that you own. Some instances are where you are going to be using the property as a

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Final Walk Through: 5 Reasons Why You Should

You may have heard about doing a final walk through of your future home just before the closing, and a lot of people see this as an optional step. Just because it’s optional doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do it,

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What Exactly Does a Title Company Do?

You may have heard of “being in escrow” and “closing on a house” but not understand exactly what these processes are or how a title company is involved. The role of a title company is pretty simple, though carrying out

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5 Big Mistakes that First-Time Buyers Make

Buying a new home is wonderful and exciting, but also stressful – especially when you’re buying your first home. It’s a big commitment of money, time, and resources, but also an emotional one. You’re taking on a mortgage, planning to

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