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What to do After Your Offer is Accepted

  Congratulations! After negotiation and maybe a few tears, your offer was finally accepted on your perfect home. Before you pop that bottle of champagne, make sure you follow these next steps. After all, the battle is only half over.

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Obstacles to a Successful Closing

Closing is the last hurdle to selling your home, buying your home, and getting the keys. It is a very common procedure, but it is also one that is incredibly stressful both for buyers and sellers. Let us give you

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Understanding Closing Costs

Q: I have been saving up to buy a one-bedroom condo, with the target date for purchase between summer of 2017 and 2018. I plan on having a 20 percent down payment, and have set aside money for insurance, HOA

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Escrow ABCs

Everyone has heard the term “in escrow” – but not a lot of you know what it means other than as being one of the stages of purchasing a house. Broken down to the most basic concept, placing funds in

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5 Mistakes to Make for a Nightmare Closing

Closing on your new home is stressful even for real estate veterans, but for first timers it can really be a ride through the funhouse. There are five things that will make a stressful situation into a nightmare if you’re

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