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What to do After Your Offer is Accepted

  Congratulations! After negotiation and maybe a few tears, your offer was finally accepted on your perfect home. Before you pop that bottle of champagne, make sure you follow these next steps. After all, the battle is only half over.

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Picking the Right Title Company

When it comes down to buying a home, closing is the last thing on anyone’s mind. Everyone’s thinking about neighborhoods, inspections, flood zones, wind zones, and 100 other things – even the buyers and sellers agents can get caught up

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Obstacles to a Successful Closing

Closing is the last hurdle to selling your home, buying your home, and getting the keys. It is a very common procedure, but it is also one that is incredibly stressful both for buyers and sellers. Let us give you

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Transferring Title 101

There comes a time when you may not be selling your house, but want to transfer or change the title of a property that you own. Some instances are where you are going to be using the property as a

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What Exactly Does a Title Company Do?

You may have heard of “being in escrow” and “closing on a house” but not understand exactly what these processes are or how a title company is involved. The role of a title company is pretty simple, though carrying out

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