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Millennials to take center stage in 2015

Millennials, Real Estate, Title Insurance

It appears millennials (defined by real estate information firm Zillow as adults 23 to 34) are preparing to step up their house buying game come next year. In a recent story published by U.S. News & World Report, Zillow predicted

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Title Insurance Offers Protection

Title Insurance, Protection

As the football season marches along, there’s no one on a football team that understands protection better than the quarterback. If he gets it, all should be fine and dandy. The same can be true when dealing with title insurance.

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Why you need title insurance

Title Insurance

Do I really need title insurance?  This is the question many consumers ask themselves when looking at the premium on the settlement statement.  Being in the title insurance industry, of course we would say yes.  The question behind the question

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