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Tips for Home Security When You’re Away

Summer’s a great time for road trips and vacations, and it’s also a great time for break-ins and burglaries. Jacksonville State University pinpoints the most popular months for burglaries as July and August, and that the most popular time of

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Four Neighborhood Criteria to Consider

What makes a great neighborhood for one person might not mean the same thing to another. For young parents, good schools are often a make or break deal. Seniors might look for a neighborhood with good public transportation to help

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Five Reasons Your Electric Bill is Sky-High and Five Things to Do About It

Ah, the first electrical bill of summer. The jolt. The shock. The cold chills as you contemplate the damage to your piggy bank. There are reasons your bill is so high, and there are things you can do about it.

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5 Tips to Help Sell Your Home Fast

Need to sell fast? You’re not alone. A lot of people have sudden changes that mean putting the house up for sale and moving in a hurry. Your real estate agent can help you, but here are five tips to

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Transferring Title 101

There comes a time when you may not be selling your house, but want to transfer or change the title of a property that you own. Some instances are where you are going to be using the property as a

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Final Walk Through: 5 Reasons Why You Should

You may have heard about doing a final walk through of your future home just before the closing, and a lot of people see this as an optional step. Just because it’s optional doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do it,

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What Exactly Does a Title Company Do?

You may have heard of “being in escrow” and “closing on a house” but not understand exactly what these processes are or how a title company is involved. The role of a title company is pretty simple, though carrying out

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5 Big Mistakes that First-Time Buyers Make

Buying a new home is wonderful and exciting, but also stressful – especially when you’re buying your first home. It’s a big commitment of money, time, and resources, but also an emotional one. You’re taking on a mortgage, planning to

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Refinancing and Title Insurance

For anyone refinancing their house for the first time, there is always one question. “But I already have title insurance. Why do I need it again?” When you refinance your home, you are paying off one mortgage and acquiring another.

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Escrow ABCs

Everyone has heard the term “in escrow” – but not a lot of you know what it means other than as being one of the stages of purchasing a house. Broken down to the most basic concept, placing funds in

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