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What to do After Your Offer is Accepted

  Congratulations! After negotiation and maybe a few tears, your offer was finally accepted on your perfect home. Before you pop that bottle of champagne, make sure you follow these next steps. After all, the battle is only half over.

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First-Time Buyers Guide to Title Insurance

Q: I’m buying my first home this summer, and the one that I like the best has some causes for concern. It’s a house that is being sold by the bank, and was previously foreclosed. It’s been empty for some

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What Exactly Does a Title Company Do?

You may have heard of “being in escrow” and “closing on a house” but not understand exactly what these processes are or how a title company is involved. The role of a title company is pretty simple, though carrying out

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Refinancing and Title Insurance

For anyone refinancing their house for the first time, there is always one question. “But I already have title insurance. Why do I need it again?” When you refinance your home, you are paying off one mortgage and acquiring another.

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Title Insurance: What It Is and Why You Need It

Title insurance is defined by Investopedia as a type of insurance covering a party’s loss of interest in real property due to unforeseeable legal circumstances. For the most part, people are familiar with title insurance that is paid for by

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Title Insurance vs. Mortgage Insurance vs. Homeowner’s Insurance: What’s the Difference?

When you’re getting ready to close on your new home, all the insurance can be very intimidating. You have homeowners insurance, title insurance, private mortgage insurance, and a ton of other policies that by and large you understand the need

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A Great Reminder

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It was duly noted last week when our friends at the American Land Title Association (ALTA) sent out a press release reminding consumers of the top three reasons their efficient real estate transaction depends on the work of title insurance

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